Cheeky Boys Association NFTs will be in discussion but are not official.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are special types of digital items. Think of them like unique collector's items in the online world. Each one is different from the other, kind of like how each Pokemon card or baseball card is different. They're built using the same kind of technology as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but unlike Bitcoin, you can't exchange one NFT for another and get the exact same thing. Each one is unique.

These digital items can represent all sorts of things. Most commonly, they're used for digital art, music, and virtual goods. When you buy an NFT, you're getting a digital certificate that says "you own this item, and here's the proof".

NFTs are stored on a blockchain, which is like a public ledger that records all transactions. This makes it easy to prove who owns an NFT, because there's a clear record of who bought it and when.

NFTs have become really popular, especially in the world of digital art, because they provide a new way for artists to sell their work directly to fans. But just like anything valuable, they come with risks and should be bought carefully.

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